Jacuzzi Puma formed December of 2015 in Minneapolis, MN.  We played our first show at Lee's Liquor Lounge on a cold Friday night, and we haven't looked back. Our mission is simple; Amidst cathartic dancing and pointer/pinky/thumb in the air rocking out you suddenly scream at your dancing partner "I can't believe they're playing this song!"  
Imagine you grew up in the early 80's but ever time you got in your mom or dad's car you listened to the music they were listening to.  For us, that was often Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones, The Who, etc.  Of course as we all grew up, we took on our own personalities and dug into plenty of other bands and sounds, but our roots are cemented in that classic hard rock and groove sound.
Our names are: Matt, Brian, Larry, Mitch, Scooter, and Erich.
Matt has been drumming for nearly 30 years, and from the way he plays the experience shows.
Scooter can play pretty much anything on guitar, and though he prefers to hold down rhythms, don't think for a second he can't open up and shred.  
Erich is a shredder, with a degree in musical composition Erich's guitar playing is incredible clean and deliberate and all around nasty.
Larry is quite simply one of the best bass players in town.  Watch and listen to him play one time, and anyone who does so quickly understands this; he's really really good. 
Brian plays keys like they're an extension of his body.  Classical, funk, jazz, it doesn't matter...he's got it in the bag.  Brian also has a master degree in musical composition and has written and produced countless songs for musicians, as well as commercials, movies, and television.
Mitch has been singing since he was placed in his church's choir in kindergarten. He's been kicked out of pretty much every formal choir he was a part of (prolly cuz he rocks too hard), but happily found a home in a handful of local bands that he fronts with extreme energy.

Yeah... Let's go. POOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!